17 Things I love and hate about Beirut

17 Things I love 

1.  Sea view.

Boy chillin on bey-rock

2. Mediterranean weather.

 3. Nibbles whenever you order a drink.

4. Witness arguments between taxi drivers and people, other taxi drivers and local buses.


5. House services- the fact I can order toilet roll, cheese and 6 litres of drinking water to my doorstep.

6. Disregarding traffic- within 10 mins you can be in a posh neighborhood, a battleground, and the sea side.

7. Eat as much as you like and it being totally acceptable, encouraged in fact.

8. Consuming fruit that actually has taste.

9. No junk mail coming through my post box. Love that I don’t actually have a post box.

10. Meeting for a quick coffee that lasts 3 hours.

11. Luxury of having a mountain day, a sea day or a city day all within an hour or less away.

12. Service drivers and their stories.

Service Drivers

13. Dining with a friend turns into a 12 hour party.

14. Encountering random people and becoming friends for life.

Nights out

Image courtesy of Falak Shawwa

15. Pirate cable and DVDs.

16. Mannoushe- dough and cheese, can be eaten any time of the day. What more could I ask for?

17. Signs that make my day.


“Parking” – Image courtesy of Falak Shawwa

17 Things I hate

1. Taxi drivers, incessantly shouting “Taxi ! !  Taxi ? ?  Taxi…..” when it is quite obvious you don’t want one.

2. Pollution and the hell that is traffic.

3. Scooters flying along the sidewalk.

4. Cars parked on the sidewalk.

5. Stares.

6. Show off’s – where do i begin?

7. Honking horns.

8. Potential warzone at any given moment.

9. MEA airline propaganda that is played to you during first 30 minutes of flight and not being able to switch it off.

Plane Pic

10. Never getting a straight answer. If you don’t know, please just say so!!

11. Some people consider themselves doctors and insist on prescribing a minimum of 3 drugs if you have the sniffles.

12. Blunt comments: “You’ve got fatter”.

13. Having to be well connected to get anywhere significant in the workplace.

14. Insincerity…”I’ve missed you! I wanted to call you!”…. Code for: oops wasn’t expecting to bump into you.

15. Getting stuck behind a Sukleen rubbish truck.

16. There is no such thing as a queue.

17. Comments and whistles from men in cars & scooters.



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